Lizzi Marriott: Two Takes, One Murder

Nearly four months ago, Lizzi Marriott, a student of the University of New Hampshire, and a resident of Westborough, Massachusetts went missing. Quickly, police found reason to believe that Marriott had been murdered by Seth Mazzaglia, a previous coworker of Marriott’s from a Target store in Greenland, according to CBSBoston.

The case rapidly took shape, as not even a week after Marriott went missing Mazzaglia was arraigned and accused of her murder. In the four months since, the NH attorney general’s office has filed 2 motions asking for time extensions to refine their case against Mazzaglia before proceeding in front of the grand jury, which is currently scheduled to meet on February 14. The most recent motion was filed on Janurary 29, according to

This case hits home for me because Marriott’s home is my home.

I am also a resident of Westborough, Massachusetts and while I did not personally know Lizzi Marriott, I know people that did. Like many other Westborough residents, I have followed Marriott’s case more detail than I follow most. Different media outlets report on the proceedings of her case, and the way in which outlets cover her story is of special note. The portrayal of Marriott’s her case defines our understanding of her story, and our perception of who Marriott was, the importance of which we often underestimate.

The most current event in Marriott’s case was the motion filed for a time extension as I previously mentioned. The filing was covered by both and Wickedlocal/ While each site covered the same material, I found Wickedlocal to be clearer in its presentation of facts of the case. However, linked out to several other Patch reports discussing earlier proceedings of Marriott’s case, allowing for easy access to background information.

In rooting around other factions of and Wickedlocal, I found to be more up to date and relevant than Wickedlocal. But, with that said, Wickedlocal’s reports contain more detail and demonstrate investigation and clear-cut reporting that Patch lacks.

So, who do we trust—Patch or Wickedlocal? Personally, for stories covered by both outlets, I’d put my bet on Wickedlocal. It’s a well-respected media organization that covers local news of the Worcestor area, giving each of our towns an in depth share of coverage.

For smaller scaled local news however, give Patch a fair shot. The posts are updated regularly and in short tid-bits that present the most relevant details to your area.


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