Top 6 Career Lessons

 After reading interviews and articles from those who have succeeded as writers, below are the top six lessons I learned about succeeding in journalism. 

1)   Dabble in different styles of writing. Eventually it will lead you to a style that you will want to work with for the rest of your career.  (McPhee)

2)   Focus your writing on the subjects you’re passionate about. Find a position that will allow you to do this and that is where you will succeed. (Dread)

3)   The most direct way to a career isn’t always the best way. You can learn a lot of valuable skills from positions outside of your end goal (Adams)

4)   Use all of my skills to make myself a unique asset to a company. Show that I stand out by combining the skills that I can offer. (Adams)

5)   Learn how to approach subjects from a fresh and new perspective. This is a necessity for attracting readers. (Silver)

6)   Read and write often. These are the most effective ways to improve at the craft. (McPhee and Silver)



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