Sommer Collier in A Spicy Perspective

Sommer Collier, “professional food writer, recipe developer, food stylist, photographer,” and mother of two, according to her website, is the cheerful author of the food blog, A Spicy Perspective. Image

Collier’s blog focuses on a variety of foods, as well as topics relating to food. She shares vegetarian options, decadent meals, healthy foods, comfort foods, and international foods. Collier also provides basic instructions for beginners, like how to cook pasta to perfection every time. A Spicy Perspective offers something for everyone, as Collier provides recipes for every course of a meal, as well as an explanation of how to throw a stress-free dinner party. Adventures from her own life are also included in her blog, such as the process of remodeling a kitchen, in which she asks readers for their opinion about her remodeling plans, allowing her readers to connect to her. Collier’s goal, to help her readers create healthy and delicious meals, and gain confidence in the kitchen, is demonstrated through every post on her blog.

Collier writes on average 388 words per post, which she posts every two to three days. Occasionally Collier has a post that exceeds the others in length, for example, her 884-word post on How to Plan a Stress-Free Dinner Party.  Additionally, Collier often draws upon other relevant food bloggers, such as Heather Christo, to do guest posts that are approximately 436 words in length, offering recipes and insight into the blog of the guest blogger.

Collier’s posts are often written with a casual and approachable tone. As a reader, you feel as though you’re reading a note from a friend who shares with you an everyday experience that a recent moment in her life brought to light. For example, in Speedy Tex-Mex Breakfast Muffins, Collier writes as though she’s speaking to a friend about how a lack of time to prepare her family breakfast led her to the creative invention of a healthy, quick, and delicious breakfast muffin.

Her tone is also frequently playful and fun. In her Lemon Curd Sandwich Cookies recipe, Collier says, “This Lemon Cookie Recipe is a fun and simple baking project for kids. Load that cookie gun and let ‘em at it!”

Over all, Collier’s posts are relaxed, fun, and effective, as she often addresses her audience directly. In How to Plan a Stress-Free Dinner Party, Collier says, “Since I won’t be having one soon, I was sort of hoping today I could inspire You to throw a spring dinner, and live through it vicariously!” This illustrates the way in which Collier engages her readers, as well as how she maintains a casual and yet clear tone in her posts.

Collier often chooses the recipes she shares based on the time of the year, in addition to events occurring in her personal life. For example, in the spirit of Easter, Collier had a guest post, from Maria Meridith, sharing a gluten free and grain free, carrot cake recipe, with Peter Rabbit on top. She also does particular recipes for holidays such as Valentines Day and Thanksgiving. Intertwining her personal life into her blog, Collier shares posts such as, a Simple Ceviche Carpaccio, as her family was craving something sweet, fresh, and light, in addition to several posts surrounding the kitchen remodel that her family was completing. As a result, I think there is significantly less reporting and research occurring than compared to that of a traditional journalist reporting hard news. That said, Collier clearly has to do her homework before posting these pieces, and I imagine that takes quite a bit of trial and error, in addition to impressive photography included in her works.

All in all, I think I would enjoy Collier’s job. I like the ability and freedom she has to connect her personal life to her writing, by sharing her experiences with readers, but that said, I am not certain that I would be able to handle the freedom that comes with being a food blogger. There is almost too much choice, and too little direction, as she constantly gets to choose what her posts relate to, rather than needing to report on breaking news stories.

Although I am not personally certain that I would want her job one day, after following Collier’s posts for a few weeks, I am certain, that I will continue to do so!


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